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Support Response timfotechnical support: Technical supporiprovided from two sources. Most technical issues cabresolved upocontactinour help desk anour Supporoffic(NetworOperations Centre) with thhelp oourmaistreaproviderwwill solve antechnical issurelated to NOC, Thoperations centerprovide24/7 emergency support.

ur technical teaon site can do

  1. Site Survey to check locatiofobest site for installatio oantenna  awafropossible sources of interferencorobstructions.
  2. Installatioof antennmountinframe
  3. Installatioof antenngroundincable angroundinrod
  4. Peaking the antennontthe satellite using specialist equipment
  5. Provisio aninstallatio of coax  cables  from  antenn to Mode (maximu distance  3meters)
  6. Coordination and testinof antennset uwith thremothub
  7. Activatioof thInternet service

Please Note
Itrue sincbiupload needbigger antennas, however thbandwidtcan be set othhub side as51bu1.meter dish antennmasee degradatiooCI(i.e.) it manee2.meter dish antenna to enablebiggeuploaddownload is not an issue.