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President's Message

Abdullah Faiz: President and CEO

Mr. Abdullah Faiz was born in Herat, Afghanistan n in 1975. Earn his master’s degree in Business Administration and Social Science from University of Kateb Kabul Afghanistan. Do his bachelor’s in Business Administration (HONS) from university of Kabul, Afghanistan. He is the founder and owner of Afghanistan Faiz Satellite Communication (AFSAT). He has more than 20 years of experiences in national and international business. He is well manner and motivator. He is inspiration of all of us.

He has wide skills in management and business. He had attended many national and international conferences some of them are mentioned below:

Partook in International Conferences:
2004 –  International Information Technology (IT) conference, Dubai.
2005 –  ASIA Pacific Broad Casting Conference, Singapore.
2007 –  Conference on Cyber Security in the World, Beijing.
2008 –  World Business Conference, Germany.
2012 –  Match Making Conference, Washington DC.

L to R: Chairman of the Board for the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (Sulaiman Lutfi) and AFSAT President (Abdullah Faiz)

L to R: AFSAT President ( Abdullah Faiz) and Minister of Commerce and Inductries(Anwar-ul-Haq-Ahady)

L to R: The Minister of Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries (Qurban Ali Haqjo)and AFSAT President (Abdullah Faiz)